Stories Among the Town

May 10, 2017
By , Franklin, TN

Did you fail to see the cracks in the sidewalk,
The water damage to the walls?
Did you miss the part where it wasn’t always sunny and beautiful.
Yet the dark rainy days came to surround the town.
With real people.
Those with stories, backgrounds, their own hardships?
You missed the man following his dreams, struggling to pay rent.
Did you miss the children who are scared to go home?
Or the woman who wonders if she’ll ever make it out of the town?
I guess you couldn’t.
You only saw the lights, the spark in the town.
The long twisting car rides that makes you fall in love with your city all over again.
That’s all.
You signed up for the perfect sunny times,
With flowers blooming and children singing.
You signed up for the good in the world.
Yet with no bad how would we know what is good.
But I cannot blame you, for I would too
What you do not see is what had done you.
You filled the cracks, fixed the walls.
The flowers resurrected to see the once hidden sun.
The man, his bills been paid.
The children, a new bed for them to lay.
And the woman, well she had finally made it out
To see what lies beyond the town.
But you had gotten too used to that utopia
You fell in love like she
The outside world, what more could there be?
When finding these new lands,
You failed to see that problems still lived under.
These issues, you did not sign up for.
Agreeing to happy days was all you had done.
And because of that, you now have none.

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