Pizza Rolls

May 10, 2017
By virtue16 BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
virtue16 BRONZE, Fairfield, Ohio
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The pizza rolls looked scorchingly hot
Hot enough to sear my starving, salivating,  mouth
Pizza rolls only take one lightspeed minute to finish
My stomach began digestively imploding like a milky way galaxy
I tasted impatience running up and down my tastebuds
The pizza rolls screamed at me with envie
“Put me deep in the deepest, darkest gallows of your stomach! Chew me, taste me, and swallow me down your dark throat so I can make the darkness ripe with pizza sauce again”
I must take a second to gather my know-it-all consciousness for I had no grasp of my internal thoughts
I cannot eat these evil pizza rolls for they have become as addicting as a drug that has no bounds
I cannot sleep for these these pizza rolls have become a nightmare-- not a beautiful dream
I cannot breathe for these pizza rolls have sucked me into their eternal vacuum of suffering and all-around-despair
I touch the pizza rolls
My fingers burn with anxiousness
I  slowly pick up the hypnotizing, eye-popping pizza rolls
How can I ever taste these wonderful balls of blazing, blistering, and intensifying clumps of sharp cheddar cheese covered in spicy, zesty pizza sauce with a hint of garlic wrapped in fluffy balls of dough
As I carefully lift the pizza roll up to my mouth, I start to feel a momentous cadence beating in my brain -- my teeth begin bite down every half a centimeter
My sinful mouth had finally reached the destination of the soft-and-served-hot pizza roll
There was a spine-chilling moment that ran up my body from my feet up to the top of my hair
I sat on my kitchen floor with shame
I could hear big, bright, brain-pounding footsteps creeping up slowly and getting louder with each passing second
As I turned around I saw a fluffy, furry, cute-looking-animal-that-I-want-to-squeeze standing on all four of his small legs directly in my line of sight
Tiberius stared at me with incredible disappointment
He glared at me--his nose automatically averted towards the half-eaten pizza roll sitting next to me
He walked over to me, sat down, and he too began to partake in my unnecessary weight gain
We both sat lazily on the floor as we began to gradually increase our stomachs with pizza rolls
With each passing second, our stomachs grew bigger and fatter like a swelled up balloon
I felt as if my belly was about explode with pain and leave the remnants of pizza rolls lying on the floor
The enormous amount of pizza rolls that me and my dog took in and before we had any clue what was going on, we simultaneously began to expand ………
We grew larger...and larger,... and larger……….
We went back to our original size?!?!
Upon going back to normal size, we let out a huge belch, big enough to rumble the earth
All of the build up, all of the tension, all of the terrified thinking that I was going to die
And it turns out that all of it was for gas?
I was completely spell-bounded
I had no idea how this happened because I have no right to talk right now because of the boiling frustration I have scorching and festering in  my veins
So big that I can’t even fathom how stressed out I am about this scenario
This is the end of a chapter that does not feel fully ended yet due to the fact that my seething, burning throat can’t even muster up the feeling of anger deep inside my body
How many more pounding headaches of stress can one person take?
Advil has become a daily routine now
“1 Advil a day takes the pain away” has been permanently ingrained in my brain as a must not a need
I can never walk around without my brain pushing on my skull as if it wants to jump out of my body
My body feels as if it has been submerged in a deep sea with unknown depths
The pressure of this uncharted ocean is putting a paralyzing pressure on my body
As I was about to scream and yell out of frustration, my dog came to me
He let out a gigantic bark and as I looked down on the floor, I saw a pizza roll lying there
Sitting there...mocking me…
Then before we knew it, me and my dog began to participate in this never-ending-even-if-we-tried cycle of weight gain again...and again...and again

The author's comments:

I love english, it is my favorite subject and I hope to be a successful lawyer one day and be on the federal supreme court in the white house. I want to eliminate racism in our court systems and create a better life for black people in poverty because it's still a real issue today. Hopefully I can touch the lives of ever person I meet through my philanthropy and make the world a better place for everyone.

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