May 10, 2017

You think karma’s a b****?

You should meet anxiety

Her symptoms are distinct-


Your chest tightens

              You are unable to breathe

Your feelings of agitation arise

             But why must this happen to you


            sleep is your fantasy

Depression takes over your body

            how do you make it leave?


            head between your legs is a routine

“Calm down, you are doing this to yourself”

Comes from someone who has never felt they are

constantly dying

“I’m having a heart attack,

why does no one believe me”

You scream as tears stream down your face

People stare…

As if you’re insane

But you’re not insane, you’re in pain

You’re not crazy, nor mad

Just in a distress no one believes

There is no medicine to make you "better"

There is no anecdote to help cope

Stuck inside your own head

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