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May 10, 2017
By A_Mace27 BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
A_Mace27 BRONZE, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
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So much animosity
Going on in the world
So many girls
Throwing their talent
Out the door
So many young men
Getting shot down
And there’s so many people
That really don’t care
This society
Is getting worse
By the minute
Gradually this society
Is going to fall
As I look around
I feel ashamed
I bet Martin
And them
Are rolling around in their grave
Everything that they fought for
We treat as if
It doesn’t matter
Our freedom
Our peace
And our liberty
I s what mattered most
To them
They wanted a better life
For the generations to come
And guess what
We don’t respect that
We just chill
And jaw jack
About what they did
Like it’s a joke
When it’s not
We don’t take a stand
We don’t join hand and hand
To rise
And let them know enough is enough
So what if we’re young
Age has nothing
To do with it
We all live in same world
We all see the damage
And we all see
That nothing is changing
We try to blame the people
That’s in charge
But it’s not their fault
It all falls back
On us
Because we ae not
Doing anything
We aren’t eve trying
To ease the pain
We all get exasperated
And protest
When someone gets shot
But what about the problems that still remain in the box
What are you
Going to do
What are you
Going to change
Are you going to be the person
To try to put an end
To this nonsense
Are you going to be the person
To sit back
And see
How the cards
Play out?

The author's comments:

I hope that people will read this and open their eyes.

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