Suddently I was at peace

May 10, 2017
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suddenly i was at peace.
a few deep breathes.
it's time to go to sleep, the day is over.
stop looking for a second chance because it won't come in the night hour.
stop writing your poems about people, write this one.
go to sleep, go to sleep crying and listening to soft, very soft music.
rest your eyes.
relax your head against your favorite pillow. i know your eyes ache
and your heads dropping.
take another deep breath.
another, another.
take the time to live in the moment.
feel the cold bed sheets up against your bruised legs from the months grief.
whisper just to hear you're own voice other than listening the fan spinning and the silence circulating.
pay attention to the melody flowing through your ears.
fall asleep, fall with the night.

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