Two Years

May 10, 2017

I know it wasn't your fault,
for leaving us for two years.
While you were overseas fighting for our country;
We sat by the phone everyday,
waiting to hear your voice,
waiting to be able to breathe another day.
We dragged through our days, with you on our mind,
and worry in our hearts.
With every jump of the doorbell,
praying it's you there with open arms,
and not somebody we don't know,
bearing the horrible news that we dread to even think about.
We lived two years in fear, only praying on our hope.

I know it wasn't your fault,
For leaving us for two years.
You finally came home,
but now everything is different.
My childhood home,
once filled with unconditional love, laughter, and filled hearts.
Is now broken into two, a house and a home.
A house, with somebody who is not my mother,
that you expect me to like, to connect with.
You cannot force me to see her as a “replacement”
Because I still have a mother.
A mother who lives in a heartbroken home,
with tear stained carpets and broken mirrors.

I know it wasn't your fault,
For leaving us for two years.
You've been back for a while,
yet I feel more apart than ever before.
What happened to our bond,
I know you miss it too,
But for me everything changed,
when you made me pick between mom and you.
I do not think you have that right to come back,
and expect everything to be the same,
We had to learn to live for two years without a father.
I know it wasn't your fault,
But you were gone for two years.

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