How Can Perfect Be?

May 9, 2017
By Trubz BRONZE, Massapequa Park, New York
Trubz BRONZE, Massapequa Park, New York
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How could people be perfect?
If I lived where it was perfect, everyone would be likeable.
But where would those who weren’t go.
They could not stay, nor could we force them away in good conscience.


How could a society be perfect,
If variety makes it special?
Yet that same variety
Often causes conflict.


A perfect place for myself
Would share my own opinions.
No one would have to argue,
Even though arguments inspire progress.


How could world peace be perfect
For those that relish the thought of war?
Some people are made for that lifestyle,
That is just who they are.

In a perfect world would everyone be equal?
If so, what would there be to aspire to?
If there is no way to be better,
Why even try, why even dream.


How could perfect be?
No one would need.
All would be satisfied.
Yet so many would desire more.


Some would want more,
Others would prefer less.
No one is the same
So how could one perfect way be perfect for everyone.

Perfection could not come,
From but the ideals of an individual
And still serve all.
So in a world full of people, how could perfect be.


It’s a dangerous game
To try and give everyone everything.
Some people will believe no matter what
That they should be in control to shape the world in their own image.


So compromise is what it boils down to.
Ironically, the least perfect option.
It often leaves everyone feeling as though they have lost.
But deep inside, they should know they have won


A perfect world for all
Can’t exist in true,
Except when we can be thankful and respect
That I am me, and you are you.

The author's comments:

I wrote this as part of a creative writing class, and one of our prompts was to describe a perfect society. This poem was mostly a collection of thoughts as I began to think about how it would be possible to even create one, and the inherent difficulty of it.

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