God's POV

May 9, 2017
By aarohitalati GOLD, Coconut Creek, Florida
aarohitalati GOLD, Coconut Creek, Florida
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I have lost faith in humanity.
Or rather, I have lost faith
in My ability to create creatures;
creatures that are intelligent and emotional.
Did I forget to add common sense
into the recipe for these pathetic animals?
They have forgotten Me,
forgotten Me to the point that
if I go down there now,
I would be marked as a madman;
they would throw stones at Me,
lock Me away.
I should start fresh,
get it right this time.
I should create beings that
don’t mess up
only some thousand years after I’ve left them alone.
Creatures that I am not constantly afraid
will do something so bad for them,
that My work will go in vain.
I remember when I created them.
They may not have been that smart,
but at least they believed in Me.
I led them in the right direction,
and they blindly followed,
no questions asked.
Maybe I was the one
who put too much trust in them,
trust in My handiwork.
I should start over,
kill them before they surrender to their fate,
a fate worse than death.
I should start over,
and watch this world burn.
I should start over.

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