Letter to an absent father

May 9, 2017
By halskat BRONZE, Elko New Market, Minnesota
halskat BRONZE, Elko New Market, Minnesota
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You never knew what you did wrong 

Always having excuses 

Never owning up to your wrong doings 

Leaving me in the dust

To feel like a failure 

But no more 

You are the one left in the dust now 

I am moving on 

I don't need 

An absent father any longer 

There are others for me 

You may not have been there 

But he was

He stepped up 

To be where you lacked 

I have no problem giving up on you now 

To bad you won't ever understand the reasons why 

You have lost your first daughter 

You never saw the pain you caused 

Enough is enough 

Your time in my life is gone 

I just hope you clean up your act 

For my little siblings sake 

So they never have to feel this way too 


You won't be missed 

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