The Words "I Love You"

May 9, 2017
By Stephanie1228 BRONZE, Pompton Plains, New Jersey
Stephanie1228 BRONZE, Pompton Plains, New Jersey
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Have you ever heard the sound of breaking glass
Or the sound  of ripping paper
Those sounds were my heart breaking
Those screams you heard it was me screaming for you
I’m just a body without a heart
My body still lingers on your touch
The way you held my hand
The way you would wipe my tears away
The way you looked at me like I was the only one
What happened to the guy that made me smile
What happen to the guy that took the pain away
What happen to the guy that never played a girl
March 28
“I love you”
Those words that you said I believed you
I wished I didn’t
Maybe you’ll give your love to someone else
Maybe you’ll wipe her tears
Maybe you’ll hold her hand like you did mine
Maybe you’ll see her as the only girl in the world
The only message I bring to you is don’t break her heart
Don’t make her suffer like you did to me
If you ever say “I love you” again
I don’t want you say “ I love you”
I want you to say “ I’m in love you”

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