The Year

May 9, 2017
By CJSweat SILVER, Ball, Louisiana
CJSweat SILVER, Ball, Louisiana
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"Don't chase me. Until your ready to catch me"

-Callie Torres


The year of thinking that you can’t be yourself.

The year where people thought it was ok to take knives to skin.

The year where everything seemed to fall apart.

The year where pills were the tastiest snack.

The year where girls could love girls.

The only year where we casted the wrong votes.

The crazy year when killing babies was ok.

The year where you didn’t have to rhyme to make sense.

The year you could just take pencil to paper.

The only year you could not have to talk about your feelings.

The year where everyone was alone.


The year we try again.

The author's comments:

2016 was they year where we fell apart. Suicide and unexpressed feelings. 2017 is when we change it all.

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