You F****d Up my Credit Score

May 9, 2017
By sullivano17 PLATINUM, Boston, Massachusetts
sullivano17 PLATINUM, Boston, Massachusetts
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Falling in love
Is like learning to ride a bike
Some things you can’t unlearn
No matter how hard you try
Loving was pretty until it wasn’t,
Until it became black moss growing inside me from all the hurt that could’ve filled an ocean
Some things you can’t unlearn
Like the way he licks his ice cream in swirls around the cone
Or the way he could never write an English paper for the life of him
It’s okay, I wrote enough poetry for the both of us
So I bought him presents and tried to make up for the fact that I never felt worthy
By swiping my debit card until the words denied became a jumble of letters I could never take back
I know how to ride a bike the way I know I’m his biggest regret
I took five wrong turns on the way to New York City and ended up falling in love with him
And it must make him leave skid marks on his drive home
That she doesn’t leave kisses on his front door anymore.
Seeing him comes packaged in boxes that I threw out years ago,
Suddenly all the boys in the world couldn’t make me forget him
I can take myself on bike rides now
But unlearning him might take five years
And losing him took five minutes.

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