Desert Me in the Desert

May 17, 2017

Leave me be,
Desert me   
Dismiss the turmoil of my core,
Disregard the corners of my lips,
Complying to Gravity’s rein,
Watch chaos sown into Gaea’s skin
As if it had been written in a prophecy that it be there
Listen to her cry in agony,
Become deaf by her silent screams,
And haunted by her pleas for peace
As she is taken granted for ground
And matures her children, the trees
To unimaginable heights
In hopes to obtain the comfort
That is Uranus’s drift
Before questioning my isolation
Address your own actions,
You take up swords
To not only cut the life of another man short
But also to bring Gaea’s efforts to a sudden demise
You slit the leaves like wrists
And crush the rocks like skulls
But what for?
The death of disunity,
The Three Fates tell me,
Is not near

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