To feel love

May 17, 2017
By Blueberrysans12571 BRONZE, Branchland, West Virginia
Blueberrysans12571 BRONZE, Branchland, West Virginia
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"Nobody's gonna take you away from me. Not even me, see? I'll kill me before that happens."

Your eyes as deep and as beautiful as your voice. Those sweet brown eyes full of pride. Your scent of gumdrops and lemon grass fill my lungs. With a single word my heart drops at your stare. Sometimes with anger sometimes with joy, your movement as graceful as a swan. Black hairs race down your face like a river. Your tiny ears are filled with noise are a way of thought and a pity to lose. Your eyelashes sweep away my tears. A space so big but oh so small, I don’t want to fall. Soft and curly, so young but so old. 5 years’ time with no end in mind. I’d follow you to the end of space. And from the beginning of time. Love as bitter as poison, but words as sweet as chocolate. Lips so vivid and soft, like a velvet robe. I love you like the sun to day. I miss you like the moons soft gentle embrace. To breathe your air is a sin for I can’t breathe your air if it falls short of true love. I love your breathe, so sweet and tender. I’ve never had the joys and pleasure of your touch or to feel the rough beating of your heart on my chest is only a dream and desire…

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem a while ago. Is suport to be about a boy i know or at least i thought i did... I had a crush on him... I wrote about him almost every day. It nealy destoryed all of my personal relashonships with people.

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