Strength beyond the size of our breasts

May 16, 2017

I have thoughts burning in my heart
These thoughts about women all over the world
Who don’t have anything to protect the blood
from pouring out of a place not spoken of
And my heart pours out to them
        Those women
who are thrown around carelessly like ragdolls
            And taken advantage of
Passed around from one master to the next
But never learn how to be the master of themselves
Or how to look at life through a yellow lense
       Colors don’t get to them
Some of them will never see how each color
                     Makes up who they are
      Makeup can do no mercy
To these women
Who are masterpieces of the universe
   And such is true, the world does not deserve our courage
We have bodies built of flower petals and the strongest of metals
We sometimes fail to see the strength that we possess
The power to climb the tallest mountains
or push

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