May 16, 2017
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I didn’t ask you to come with me,
To the place where the stars meet the sky
But you did.
We sit above cloud-tops,
And shards of moonlight blind us to the world below.
Ever since I met you, the nights pass so much quicker than the days did
And my life stares back at me through windows and mirrors.

You remind me of the lightning-struck tree in my yard,
The proud old oak that didn’t fall over despite the raging storm.
You’ll be around forever, but me? I’ll be gone soon
That’s why I asked you here, to the place where the sky meets the stars
So I could show you my words in a shattered hourglass,
As my wristwatch slowly melts into the back of my eyes.
I’ll miss the feeling of your hand on mine.
I promise.

But we can stay a while longer in limbo,
In this echo chamber that will preserve the sound of our beating hearts.
The constellations look down on us,
And I can’t tell whether they smile or frown.
It doesn’t matter.
Here, in the palace of things left unsaid,
Here in the place where the stars meet the sky.

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