I am Paint

May 16, 2017

The winds places on my face

Like paint onto a canvas

Wisping my hair across my forehead with strokes of radiant red

Light layered lines 

Accompany caressed crashing curls

Soon my whole body turns to paint


Blotched boldly

Bounded to the paper

Heavy bounces of bristles bind together

Tedious traces of tiresome lines longing 

for direction


Arms curve cascading in confusion

Stomach jolts jaggedly

And my legs lounge lazily


I turn to splotches and spillage

I fall off the hard dense canvas

And plunge into a puddle


Misguided mismatched colors blend

Into a swirl of singing shades

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The dad said...
May 19 at 7:13 pm
Great poem daughter!
Kenia.arell said...
May 19 at 3:40 pm
This is a really good poem! It had great description and imagery, it was like I could see it all happening. You need to keep writing more.
Frecklesmkl14 replied...
May 19 at 4:54 pm
Thanks so much! That was really sweet!
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