Is Friendship real?

May 16, 2017
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I feel like a sidewalk,
used everyday but not
Appreciated. Day after day
I get walked all over but for what
Popularity, friendship? That's not
How any friendship is supposed
To be.

Isn't a true friendship supposed
To be built off of trust,laughter
And making memories? Well
Now i'm not so sure. Being the
Kind of person that wears her heart
On her sleeve. It's hard to see when
Some one is just using me. It's not until
They go what they needed and don't
Want to talk to me anymore. That i finally
See that it was fake.

It hurts more than anyone can imagine
Walking through those hallways seeing
You, but knowing i can't smile at you
Hurts me, but you never cared. I think
Thats hurts most.In your heart you
know thats its not A true friendship,
but you decide to Ignore it.
Then before you know it
You feel alone.

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