truck work

May 16, 2017

Getting under the truck is not to hard, but man did it stink. It was like walking the an oil field full of gas fumes and burnt oil trying to fix it. Reaching our hands up to start undoing bolts, having to reach through grease that had built up like an arctic freeze that had just blown over an Alaskan front, it was around three o'clock and nothing had been going our way. All the bolts seemed like they were frozen into the holes, and the grease covered us like we had just been put into a hole and started to be buried alive. We had to go at this another way! Tyler went out and bought a really nice wrench that was longer than the others, so we had more leverage to attack it with like an attack dog defending his home. Finally breaking the bolts loose, but also dropping grease into our eyes as if it were raining outside, we finally get all the bolts out.

Lying under the truck in excitement from the bolts we finally got out, rubbing our eyes trying to get the sopping wet grease out from deep in our eyes, Finely catching our breath as if we just ran a marathon, Tyler said “Time to take it down.” (in a disappointing voice). Grabbing the jack, only thinking “this is going to suck so much.” Putting the jack under the transmission, we had to carefully secure it so that when we bring it down it doesn't fall and crush one of us like a pancake. Reaching our greasy, black hands up into even more grease like grabbing clay out of the bottom of a river, praying that our hands don't slip off the transmission causing it to fall on us. We finally get it down and only thinking, thank god it is out, Tyler says “can't wait to put it back in” (sarcastically).
Pulling the transmition out from under the truck was like trying to pull a truck out of mud that has suction cupped it in, but we finally getting it out from under the grease covered truck. Trying to stand up but having a hard time, feeling like we had just picked up a thousand pound rock. I said to Tyler “Here comes the hard part.¨ Not knowing that he already knew what to do, he tells me “This is the easy part, James.” I say “Really what do we do then.” Pushing me aside, he goes at it like a starving dog goes at a bowl of food. Taking the old clutch out and putting the new one in, he makes it look like a piece of cake, and all I remember saying after that was “damn.” Getting ready to put it back in, we decided to call it a day; we both were ready to take a shower to get all the slimy grease off of us and go lie down and rest, so we can be ready to put in the heaviest transmission we have ever touched in our lives.
After a short night of relaxing, we get at it again the next morning just hoping that everything goes the way it should. Dragging it back under the truck is like dragging a thousand pound rock; we finally get it, but then came the hardest part, getting it up!! The jack helps a little bit, but once we got it up as high as it would go that is when it got really hard. Hands already slimed up from all the grease, we try to man handle it in; not thinking about the transmission needing to go straight in, we try and try and can’t get anywhere. We finally decide to video, then figuring out we need it to be exactly even all round when it goes it, so we go at it again as if we were a pack of wolves hunting their prey. Using a measuring tape to get precise measurement, we get it to slide in as easy as a hot knife cutting butter. Then, putting bolts in was as easy as putting a lid on to a bottle of water. Excited to finally start my roaring, beautiful truck up, I grab my keys and crank her over. An in seconds she starts up, and off we go to have another wonderful drive down the streets of Arvada.   

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