Shatter Me

May 16, 2017
By Pinyonjay BRONZE, Avondale, Arizona
Pinyonjay BRONZE, Avondale, Arizona
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A photograph gently flits to the ground
Igniting, burning and charring at the edges
Until your innocent sweet face is erased
Just like you…your ivory face and golden smile…
And the reminder that I never even got to meet you
How mom broke with every passing day, slipping into darkness
At the thought of goodbye; losing herself in alcohol
Wishing she had aborted her second child
Leaving bruises on her flesh and blood left her red and raw
A smack, a scream erupts from that child’s mouth
A flood of tears, a constant hunger
The beatings never ceased for she never wanted another girl
Not after you, dear sister; a memory too painful to bear
With each new punishment, she failed to realize
Her second child was breaking beyond repair
And shattering inside; for her mother never loved her, she never said “I love you”
She had to watch mommy bestow her love unto her brother
Leaving none for his sister so she locked herself in the closet
Hiding bruises and tears until one day
She put the blade to her flesh bit-by-bit
A tear slips down her cheek unnoticed and sparkles
As she wishes for her mommy’s love
And the blade slips to leave a gushing spout of blood finally shattering her
So tell me, dear sister, is it time now to burn my photograph as well?

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