Jewelry Box

May 16, 2017
By Reesejolie BRONZE, Des Peres, Missouri
Reesejolie BRONZE, Des Peres, Missouri
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I’m trapped inside this jewelry box

With a necklace

Clipped around my throat

The chain digging into my neck

As I try to turn my cheek

The earrings pierce my ears

With their provoking needles

To infect my ear with the lies

I whispered to myself

The bracelet cuts off my blood flow

With its tight fitting

So I can't break free

They said this jewelry would make me beautiful

But I look in the boxes small mirror

I put on the misfit ring

The diamond glows and gleams

But I cannot lift my finger

The necklace chokes back my voice

The earrings only cover

The screaming voice


The ring lifts my finger

To let them know that it's only me

So the bracelet isn’t the only thing

That won’t set me free

The author's comments:

Back in November, I was admitted into treatment for an eating disorder. The pronouns I use in this poem represent my eating disorder, not real people. If there are any additional questions please ask in the comments. 

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