The Road

May 16, 2017
By , lincoln, NE

Drops of liquid a symbol
Leading to one moment
Showing how hard you’ve worked
Full of determination and vigor
But why?
Is it really worth it
The face of defeat looks hungrily from up above
The time leading to this moment for it to just pass
Soon to be forgotten to the greater act of another
The greatest resource of all
Why does it matter?
In this life we have one chance
Filled with defiance
The road to success littered by the corpses of failure
Dauntingly looking
Up to you
Slowly clawing at your feet
That’s all we can do
The path unforgiving
one misstep and you’ll fall
The fuel of resolve running low
You can’t
they call silently
Echoing immensely
Salivating at the chance of a mistake
Waiting for the chance
To tear you apart
A cabin with the name of mediocrity rests alongside
Inviting you in
Calling your name
Its bed a false facade
Leading to believe this is where you belong
Is it?

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