Life Of A Basic Pencil

May 16, 2017
By Anonymous

I am a tall tree  , peacefully living my life
All of a sudden my world is destroyed when the devil takes his weapon of mass destruction
Chops me down, disrupting my whole world
I’m scared , lost
I got to a local lumber mill to get chopped up into small pieces awaiting my destiny
From the pain of the steel saw I blacked out
Awakening in some sort of prison
Many more of my kind were around me
Confused I gazed around
Seeing fields of sunny yellow as far as the eye could see
Screams came from all around   , then the prison became silent waiting for what was to come
Day went by , weeks went by , nothing happened
Until one day a shadow was cast upon our prison
A human hand picked me up , and threw me in the cart
My head was beating so fast
The cart rolled around the store, we were all curious if this was death
Life flashed before my eyes , thinking of my short , yet oddly great life
But this wasn't the end
I was thrown onto the checkout lane , scanned like an item
Bagged up , tossed in the trunk
The ride to the unknown was bumpy
When I finally arrived at our destination , I was the first to go
Freedom was roaming through my mind
Until I was stuffed inside this apparatus
The pain was unbearable , it seem like an eternity
I was taken out , I felt like a new man
What was next , I questioned
Until I found out
I was on the edge of a paper
I screamed
But then I realized it was not pain I felt , but it tickled
I laughed on as I was being written with
But as I thought they were done writing with me
I was erased with
Everytime that happened a little piece of me was destroyed
I was written with for many months , creating new stories
Each time I was used I was getting
And smaller
And smaller
Until one day I thought I was going to get sharpened again
But I went to the trash as my job was done
I layed there with all the rotten food
Knowing my job was complete
So I closed my eyes and feel in an endless sleep

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