Cat Crazy

May 16, 2017
By BookCats BRONZE, Houston, Texas
BookCats BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Snowy, my cat, walked in one day
A black and white cat behind
Tiger lead the cat right to my chair
"This is the best property you will find!"


My cat rented out my bed
To a cat who wanted a nap
My cat rented out my chair
And then rented out my lap!


My rug is home to a Persian
My socks belong to a Russian Blue
My window is a perch for three Chausie
And a Manx sleeps inside my shoe!


I try to make a chicken dinner
A Turkish Van ate it all
I want to have company over
But that Ragdoll destroyed my wall!


I walk to my cat-ruled bed
A Siberian falls from above
The Scottish Fold curls up on my head
Help!  I think I'm falling in love!

The author's comments:

I want to thank Snowy for inspiring this and Ms. Cherek for helping me write poetry.

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