The One Who Knows You

May 16, 2017
By BookCats BRONZE, Houston, Texas
BookCats BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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When it storms and snows you are happy,
Because in the cold you frolic and play.
But when the sun is too harsh you are angry,
Because the burns reflect your boiling rage.


When the forests are lush you are overwhelmed,
Because too much clutters your life.
But when the forests burn down you are creative,
Because it leaves room for you to grow your ideas.


When the house is pest-free you are lonely,
Because the rats were your visiting friends.
So the house is full of creatures,
Because friends are meant to last.


When the ocean is too peaceful you are bored,
Because what is life without waves of challenge?
But when the sun and moon hold hands,
You are happiest because we are together.

The author's comments:

I would like to thank Ms. Cherek for inspiring me to write poetry.

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