Seasons of Life

May 16, 2017
By BookCats BRONZE, Houston, Texas
BookCats BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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In spring,
I am a blooming flower
Growing and discovering the world for the first time,
I am a leaf carried gently through the breeze
Aloof and carefree, going with the flow for now.


In summer,
I am a raging river
Carving my own path, ignoring boundaries,
I am the thunder and the rain
Powerful, no one can control me.


In fall,
I am a tree, sturdy against the environment
I sink my roots into the land and grow my leaves,
I am a nut shell
Protecting and cradling what matters to me.


In winter,
I am mother wolf,
Watching my pups grow, I am proud and content,
I am a snowflake
Peaceful and calm.


In the new year,
Eventually winter leaves to give way to new spring
Nothing really lasts forever,
But as I, winter, leave peacefully
I know that spring will carry on my legacy.

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