May 15, 2017
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I sit inside,
staring out the window,
Just wondering
Where in the world will society and social values go?

Deep in thought,
Why don’t we play in the rain?
Why are we scared to get our feet wet?
Are we just afraid to face issues we haven’t yet met?

The rain is like life.
Our house is like our comfort zone.
Why would we ever want to leave
Something that we’ve always known?

Well step outside your house, and you will see
That maybe dancing in the rain isn’t as bad as it seems.

If you were asked to be more open would you agree?
The sad fact of the matter is that most would disagree.
However my faith is often restored in humanity,

When things are said like what this lady said to me,
She told me that I would go far in life if I kept with my passion,
She said if I keep working hard all of my dreams would happen.

But what if rain is just rain,
and your house is just a house?

It’s all how you perceive it,
and whether or not you believe it.

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