Body Appreciation

May 15, 2017
By abi.goose BRONZE, Columbia , Missouri
abi.goose BRONZE, Columbia , Missouri
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I pay too much attention to the outside
And neglect to think of you guys
When the world tricks me to believe
That I should look a certain way
I'm reminded that
"It's what's inside that counts"
So first I imagine you, Bones
Holding me up
Giving me structure
When my knees creak
I know you're just trying to remind me you're working hard for me
After that I imagine you, Muscles
When you're sore you laugh off the pain
Like when I laugh off a bad joke
Every muscle has an imaginary cool pair of sunglasses
Proud of themselves for every flex and move
Then I imagine you, Cells
Singing work songs along my bloodstream
Pushing each other
your blood cell brothers
Down and under
Left and right
Up and over
I imagine you, Anti-bodies
Sword fighting with bacteria
French mustaches
Unfortunately sleeping is the only way I can help out
I'm sorry about that
I also imagine you, Lungs
Two lovers in my body
Separated by the trachea
Filling my body with oxygen trying to convince me
That maybe if you help me breathe
I'll allow you to take a break from your job and have a conversation
But you don't understand how much I need you
I imagine you, Heart
Vice President of my body
Pumping and bumping to a beat of music I can't hear
Having a dance party in my chest cavity
Letting everyone go off your time
Your thump thump thumping helps me remember I'm alive
Most importantly
I imagine you, Brain
Literal master mind of what's going on
A circuit board in my own body
Like an old arcade game
Your joy sticks are controlled by billions of nerves
Keeping my organs and cells in check
And so I pay too much attention to the outside
I am reminded that
"It's what's inside that counts"
I laugh at the cliché
But I still take the time
to think of you all

The author's comments:

I've always had confidence issues since I was young, and so I always think of "what's on the inside" and how my body loves me and is constantly trying to keep me up, and so I should love it back too. 

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