Goodbye Rustan

May 13, 2017
By tatumzingg BRONZE, Meridian, Idaho
tatumzingg BRONZE, Meridian, Idaho
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And it seems the day has come,

Weeks have past, and the nights not as young,

Your heart and soul, still alive,

Your mind and body prepared to die.


I look into your chocolate eyes,

Mine sweeling, while yours stay dry,

I pray to God that this is not goodbye,

And I will see you see you again in that light blue sky.


I was nostalgic for our bitter past,

Looking back thinking it would last,

But now you're sitting in a hospital bed,

Your grave already settled among the dead.


I apologize for the pain I may have caused,

Yelling, trouble, and my jealous flaws,

But thank you for standing by,

Oh the pain, my words cut short as I begin to cry.


"It's okay dear,

it's okay, we'll see eachother,

in a better place."

A sign of happiness glows across your face.


I smile, not because these words calm me like the summer breeze,

Not because I am now suddenly happy,

But saying I'll see this man again,

A man who I call my father, my teacher, my friend,

Makes things better in the end.


Goodbye Rustan,

And though I never said it, I love you as much as one can.

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