Life Is Like A Hurricane

May 13, 2017
By AlleeRProctor PLATINUM, Hedgesville, West Virginia
AlleeRProctor PLATINUM, Hedgesville, West Virginia
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Life is like a hurricane

I mean, we all are just spinning around in the dark,

Going a couple thousand miles per hour

No one else to declare our purpose or meaning

Just the people who other people make up to distract us from what happens when the storm ends


Life is like a hurricane



Houses, People, Memories

Constantly dragging you under the wind

Causing yourself to get so worked up that the air you're consumed in, cant reach your lungs

Then comes the rain,

when you're so absorbed in water, you cant tell which is coming from the weather

Or if the water is streaming out of your eyes

And when it pours,

Well, then you know its the weather, because when its raining that ferociously

You go numb

And you get cold

So, so cold 


Life is like a hurricane

And it always seems to destroy everything

The good

The bad

The unwanted

The unneeded

As if it knows no other way than to leave everything to rubble

But maybe life isn't the hurricane


Maybe I'm just the hurricane

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