From the Protagonist with Love

May 13, 2017
By Swigswagmaster BRONZE, South Berwick, Maine
Swigswagmaster BRONZE, South Berwick, Maine
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The reader…
my dear reader.
I don’t know your name but you know mine.
You’ve watched me through it all haven’t you?
You watched me struggle, you watched me grow.
You were always there like some silent powerless God
knowing things about me that even I didn’t.
I’m the protagonist of this story but am I merely a footnote in your own?
Sometimes I wish I had a life like yours
one not already written out for me.
I know your habits dear reader.
When you lower the book after a plot twist
or flip back through the pages to find a scene you enjoyed
I notice.
Trust me I notice.
That’s why I’m begging you to not finish this last page.
if you do…
please come back.
Please keep re-reading this page over and over again until the words are stained into your very soul.
There will be others readers to come...I know that.
But they’re not you.
I want you.
I want you to stay.
I’m afraid you’re going to forget me.
I know I’m not that original or interesting.
I probably would get lost among the dozens of other heroes on your shelf.
I worry there will be a time...maybe even soon
where you won’t even remember my name.
Just please don’t turn this last page and shut the book, I’m begging you.
Don’t make it all end.

The author's comments:

My friend gave me the challenge to write a piece about the protagonist of a novel falling in love with the reader of their book and the result is the following poem. 

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