The Broken Girl

May 15, 2017

A life without fear of the future
Oh what that must be
To be able to escape
And disappear from reality

She yearned for a future
She longed to be free
To be like the others
She wanted to be me.

I begged and I pleaded
For her fairytale to come true
Each day new couples came
I wish they only knew

She was kind and caring
She loved to no end
She’d do anything just to be happy
Just to have but one true friend

When my day came
And my couple signed the papers
Oh, how my heart ached
When I thought of how it betrayed her

But I knew that she was safe
Back where I had left her
It was better this way
Of this, I was now sure

For this broken girl I used to know
Is resting in a better place
She was the old me
Now she rests with a smiling face

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