May 15, 2017
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Strict parents create sneaky kids.
Sneaky kids easily tell fibs.
Strict parents get easily punished.
Sneaky kids punish parents to sneak out and look for witches.
Sometimes they find witches and then find monsters and end up in ditches.
They kiss the monsters and fall in deep.
Once their deep, there’s no return, and there’s no hope in sight for them.
Their hooked on the sweet kisses.
The strict parents are out of their minds
They know there’s no way to save their child.
They wait for their bodies to end up in ditches.
They retrieve the bodies before they become witches.
Tempting other sneaky kids to sneak out in the dark.
To get tempted by witches and stolen by monsters.
With bloodshot eyes and funny smiles, they fall into the dirts sweet embrace.
And now the sneaky child is no more
Then the slave of their monster. 

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