The Last Moments

May 15, 2017

Times when I was at Grandma’s house and playing with the dancing flower
Grandma would push that black button and I would dance until the flower got tired
The flowers would dance on hours without end, looking much like breezy sunflower fields
And the giggles would roar through the entire house
“Dance Grandma, Dance!”
Oh how I miss dancing with her

The times when I couldn’t help but look at her with that admiring glance
Then changed quickly to puppy dog eyes for a smiliey snack
But she would smile to me and spoil me with anything I desired
Oh how I miss those moments

The little things that were shared at the time seemed small but now they are the biggest of all
Things such as her red hat pin, her funky capris, her online solitare habbit
Her anxious tone when watching football, or her blushing when she finished a quilt
Grandma had more teddy bears than a bear factory
Oh how I miss the teddy bears with her

One of the most memorable times about being with grandma, her quilting.
When she would sew together each little patch it was magic
When I was so little seeing her machine just run and never quit was mesmerizing
The look on her face was pure happiness and concentration
And the memory of her makes me want to go back to see her one last time
Oh how I miss her

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