May 15, 2017

They protect us from the world
Or at least try to anyways
But it never really succeeds in the end
We always get exposed to the slime of humanity

The mother will start to by giving birth to you
The father will start by holding you and smiling
They both will realize theylove you more than words can say
We always seem to feel that love later on

Then mother will start to give you structure
The father will show you how to have fun
They will both show you how to tackle the world
We always seem to grow up with our own combination

The mother will drill you and never give in
The father will be relaxed and always give in
But they both will buckle down in the end
We always seem to make the right decisions

The mother will always be the one to cry when seeing you leave
The father will always be the one to give you that proud smile
They always show you support in the end
We always seem to chase our dreams and become who we want to be

All because of our parents

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