Once Upon a Dream

May 15, 2017
By hermesiandream BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
hermesiandream BRONZE, Eugene, Oregon
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I remember the beginning of time
And I remember the end that is to come
This has all happened at once upon a dream
We scramble to keep the epiphanies that we struggled so hard to reach
Once understanding is achieved it is lost just as quickly

I remember a different time
When I wore a different body
When I wore a different name
But the struggles were all the same

I lost you then
We still had messages to communicate
We still had actions to shape into being
We still had yet to fully make sense of the Universe in our hands
Which escaped our knitted fingers
Sliding through the cracks and falling in droplets to the floor
I have lost it all

This morning after all of my mourning
I finally found you again
Wearing a different body
Wearing a different name
But the struggles are all the same

The author's comments:

Seperating past lives from your current life and making sense of relationships

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