May 12, 2017
By Anonymous

Why do we learn about history?

Is it to bore students to sleep?
Is it to keep students up all night finishing primary source readings?
Is it to clutter students’ brains with “things that already happened?”

We live our lives with our eyes looking forward,
But we forget that our necks swivel.
How much does it take to put on the brakes for a second
And look back?

Or how about look down?

Down at the path our ancestors paved to guide them to prosperity.
Down at the spatters of blood spilt by those who fought for the freedoms that propel us to reach our full potentials.
Down at the dry sweat that once poured down the chins of impassioned leaders as they carried the weight of the people on their shoulders.

But when do you look up?

Look UP
When you see clouds of smoke rising from a furnace.
Look UP
When you hear the thunderous marching of the world’s armies.
Look UP
When you smell the corpses rotting on the street.
Look UP
When you taste the sour prejudice in society.
Look UP
When you feel the air thickening with tensions between nations.
Look UP
To see our ancestors watching our every move with the eyes of a hawk.

To know the beauty of a blue sky,
We need to feel the gloominess of a grey one.
To know the wonder of peace,
We must face the horrors of war.

To know the importance of the steps we take,
We must know the depth of the footsteps we follow.

The author's comments:

History is the link between our generation and those that have come before us. We live in the world they created. I hope that after reading this piece, you feel obligated to serve the world and work to make it a better place.

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