Hello To Everything

May 12, 2017
By nya00 BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
nya00 BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
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Hello brother.
Hello sister.
Hello mother.
Hello father.
Hello to everyone in the room listening.
Hello to those sitting on their couches.
Hello to those sitting in retirement home lounges.
Hello to those on planes.
Hello to those in villages.
Hello to those in bomb shelters.
Hello to those at funerals for the one who died in war.
Hello to our soldiers who miss home.
Hello to those sitting in poverty.
Hello to the child in Syria crying for help.
Hello to the young lady in Iran, who fears that she’ll come home but her house will be gone.
Hello to the young man in Africa who is dying of thirst.
Hello to the little girl in North Korea waiting for her father to come home, little does she know. He’s been executed.
Hello to the little boy in the United States who waits. He’s waiting for his brother who is in Iran, then Syria, then another foreign country for war.
Hello to the mother working four jobs because her husband died in war.
Hello to America, land of the free.
Hello to the Politician who lives in lavishly.
Hello to the president who gets to go to and from.
Hello to congress who apparently knows what’s good for our people.
Hello to the newborn, who already has more debt than me.
Hello to the insurance system who forces the choice, you can buy your house or save your child’s life.
Hello to my mother who sits at home waiting for me.
Hello to my father who works for hours to care for my brothers and I.
Hello to the government who tells my mother, you’re sick but you can work.
Hello to the government who tells my mother, you’re not an addict or an abuser so you don't need social security.
Hello to my grandmother who is still working at 63, you could retire at 62 but the government won’t let you.
Hello to congress, who made those rules.
Hello to the foreign countries that hate us and stay kept in.
Hello to those countries, I understand your frustrations.
Hello to politician’s kids, who think we are the same, we’re not.
Hello to equality, wait that doesn’t exist.
Hello to feminists, no you’re cancerous.
Hello to everything wrong with America.
Hello to the government that tells me I have no worth
Hello to my country, or should I say my prison.

The author's comments:

This piece was a free write. I had a strange day and all of this came flooding in, so I wrote it.

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