A Bed for Two

May 12, 2017
By MeganH453 BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
MeganH453 BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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This is the second bed I’ve slept in tonight
I lay my head on your bare chest
Tracing your jaw with my lips
Hoping maybe you will think about me a little more than you do
If you do


When my mind wanders, it always finds its way to you
From the curve of your lips to the gentle beating of your heart
Resting beneath skin slightly darker than mine
Wondering if your thoughts wander too


Your lips are cold when you kiss me
The taste of beer and smoke lingering in my mouth
You drift away too soon
You always do


A few more hours you are still mine
There will be no words when we part
Just the hope of another smile in my direction
But for now I will sleep
In this bed we built for two


At night you make promises you wouldn't make if you were sober
But you won’t remember them anyways
You say you will
But you never do


This is the only bed I will sleep in tonight
But my heart still lies with you
In a bed too small for two

The author's comments:

The inspiration for this piece came from a relationship in which I felt more invested than my partner.

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