May 11, 2017
By , Downers grove, IL

No one seems to care if I live life without flair.
Dull kinds of lives became the normalities.
Frosted voices taunt, “bet you’re not as sad as me.”
Comparing, over-sharing our problems; undermining each other.
Stabbing the backs of our brothers and others we care for;
we throw love away without a second glance, all for a green paper reward.

Am I making any sense, has my voice started shaking?
I seem to keep floating back to the faults of mankind.
And while I sit at just fourteen, and my mind is not yet very keen,
I still have a will to understand.
I can't help but notice the ignorant bliss of others my age,
and wish i could kiss my fears goodbye.
See, i seem to keep on worrying, waiting, while they don’t bat an eye.

Worrying about what, I'm still not sure,
but I can feel doom following me, like a tidal wave that looms over my head.
It soon pulls me under with twisting octopus arms, and I've sunk too deep.  
Too bad I never learned how to swim.

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