The Spirit of Nassau

May 11, 2017
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As the strenuous sailor stood on his seaworthy ship, gripping onto the rigging rigorously, he spotted his safe haven; Nassau- an archipelago of piracy

A lawless, kingless, godless mess of land that crews and syndicates called home
Bonny, Rackham, Read, Teach, and Vane made this island what it was

All ruthless and infamous privateers, they ruled the high seas with deadly flintlocks and sharpened blades

Nassau flew under no frivolous flag that portrayed its position to the people
The people owned it, ruled it, governed it, and lived it
They shed sweat, blood, and tears for its freedom and theirs

It was the Spirit of Nassau that made so many men want to rule the ocean
And sing sweet sea shanties until sunrise to sunset with so many other sailors

Even when death came upon those pirate souls, captivating their spirits and dragging them to Davy Jone’s Locker, they reminisced on their high tales of adventure, treasure, and sailing

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