The Destructive Deceiver

May 11, 2017
By Foppa BRONZE, Sacramento, California
Foppa BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Everyone knows of him pretty well, they’re familiar with how easy he makes things seem.

But of this acquaintance people never tell, for his appearance is only a lie.

The devious devil is crafty and sly, corrupt in every way, ready let his lethal lies fly.

He walks like a king, boasting of everything. 

Or he hides away, scared to admit

that his reputation born of the words he sings is really full of s***.

When the truth is too much to bear, he’ll be heard as a whisper in your ear; “One little lie wouldn’t hurt.” Using tools of laziness and greed, the tricky thief slowly demolishes your honesty, and takes its empty job, pouring falsities from your mouth in a river of untold shame. And yet, he is a pit of regret, the definition of falsehood. Constantly stuck in the same sad loop is he, never able to tell the truth.

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this from an introspection of my own dishonesty.

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