Locked Up

May 11, 2017
By , Sturgis, MI

The acrobats appear to defy all gravity
As they twist and turn and spin
Moving like rippling water
To please the crowd, just entertainment


Orange and white and black stripes
Make up the tigers fur and skin
They’ve been training for this all their lives
And yet most children still prefer the camel rides


Elephants with tough wrinkly skin
Breathing heavily, patrolling the tent’s wide expanse
Air being drawn in and out of their lungs
Feeling suffocated in their cages and crates


Monkeys perform tricks
That send the crowd into rapid applause
The trainers look on, swelling with pride
As the money rolls in from an admiring crowd


But after the day’s done
The trainers will be harsh once more
With their constant demands
And whipping


Now don’t you think it’s cruel
To keep animals locked up
And learn unnatural positions
For our entertainment and viewing pleasure?

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