Creative force.

May 9, 2017
By fsanchcastillo BRONZE, Miami , Florida
fsanchcastillo BRONZE, Miami , Florida
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Favorite Quote:
Failure is the mother of all success

A divine mechanism
A hungry beast that surpasses your skin
Plunges through your chest cavity
Ultimately cracks your ribs and finally
Reaches the heart
It grabs the heart tenderly but with a force that implies a long had desire
It feels it's curves and rugged imperfections
Allowing for the bloody juice to carefully drip its way down its grips

Acting as the ink of the author's works
And the paint on the artist's canvas
A vibrant red capable of outsourcing the sun
Making those at loss of ingenuity cry
The sight of such beauty contained, held captive and deprived within the confinements of a body seems like a crime
A crime artists understand
As their one sole purpose of being is to expose this beauty
Fueling the music of the earth with a decaying spark of passion
A certain joi de vivre that achieves to enamors us all

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