Without Sight

May 9, 2017
By WindRaven SILVER, Fairview, Pennsylvania
WindRaven SILVER, Fairview, Pennsylvania
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One night

God whispered

in my ear,

"Which sense

could you live


At ease,

I knew:

my sight.


I could see

the world

much better

if my eyes

were not intact,"

said I.

"How's that?"
my Angel sighed.

For one

cannot truly

see the world

without tasting

the sweet nectar of a lily,

without smelling

the salt of the sea,

without brushing

one's fingers across

the bark of a maple,

without hearing

a lark's melody.

"Besides," I sang,

"A sixth sense,

I possess.

For my hands

can turn

mind-bound thoughts

and feelings


the music of the heart,

a watercolor sunrise,

the smell of rosemary and thyme,

a piece of chocolate cake

melting on your tongue,

and even what it's like

to touch the stars."

"I see," spoke my Savior.

"I shall set you free.

Soar with

the wings

you do not have,

dive with

the flippers

you don't possess,

and dream with

an imagination

bigger than the sun."

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