Where I am From

May 9, 2017
By Izzyjane BRONZE, Desoto, Kansas
Izzyjane BRONZE, Desoto, Kansas
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I am from the broken fence

that never got fixed

From the tall birch tree I was lifted into

From countless razor scooter rides on hot summer days

Church school on Wednesdays, 

Family dinner on Thursdays


I am from the many, many sleepovers,

and wishes at 11:11

From Barbie doll fashion shows

and hours on the trampoline

From movie making and One Direction music

blaring out of ipods


I am from spelling bees year after year

From tons of raffle tickets at the fun fair

From girl scout meetings in the art room

and trips to the zoo, and girl scout cookie selling


This is Where I am From

But where are you from?

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem for my eighth grade writing class. We had to write 15 poems but this was my favorite by far. It really took me back to my childhood and a lot of fond memories. 


The first stanza talks about the old house I used to live in until I moved three years ago.


The second talks about my best friend I met in kindergarten and am still best friends with today. We've never grown apart wich is really awesome.


The third stanza talks about some of my elementary school memories. I did the spelling bee every year and actually won in fifth grade. We also had this thing called the fun fair and they had raffles for different things. I would always buy so many raffle tickets because I was determined to win something. Also, a huge part of my childhood was girl scouts. I sold cookies every year, went to meetings once a month, and always went to the zoo with my troop.


I really like this topic because it really helps show how much you have grown since your early childhood, and I kind of found a lot about my self that has changed and just how my life is so different now in a new town and with new friends and such.


I really hope this poem inspires people to look back on their childhood. Maybe connect with an old friend, ot just looking at your old yearbooks, or maybe writing one of these poems yourself.

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