Who Am I?

May 8, 2017
By CrazilyAwesome BRONZE, Cordova, Tennessee
CrazilyAwesome BRONZE, Cordova, Tennessee
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I am a girl of simple background
Long to trace, but simple in mind

Thick hair, tanned skin, and deep eyes
Descended of the rulers of Aztec Empire
And the conquistadors of Spain
I am racially Mexican

Ethnically of the same name
The Spanish language tempered with Nahuatl
Culturally Catholic but not a devotee
With a name of meaning and value

A daughter of two immigrants
Whose blood lay deep in our country
Before this jump; no movement
Simply the conquering of an empire

Too American for Mexico
Too Mexican for America
A mismatched blend of cultures
An independence on July 4
Another on September 16

An American through righteousness
Mexican in values
The best of both worlds
Without the prejudice of each

Of meals cooked by a tired, working mother
Beans and rice and tortillas
Hamburgers and pizza
Or past or sushi
A blend; a mixture
A quinceañera in an American restaurant
A dinner in unison
Speak. Talk. Learn. Understand.
A tradition
A way to come together
What so many “true” American families lack

A family blended

I am a girl of a proud race
Of mixed ethnicities
Ever expanding
Always learning
But never leaving its roots

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