Why Now?

May 8, 2017
By QuinnDunlap BRONZE, Perrysburg , Ohio
QuinnDunlap BRONZE, Perrysburg , Ohio
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Polar opposites ?

Although passion ignites ?

Wonder and care consumes my being?

My head is haunted ?

Which one is it…?

You’ve got plenty of time?

But what if you don’t?

It’s going to be okay ?

You can’t fumble now?

Take you time?

You can’t lose focus now?

Relax and enjoy life in the midst of troubles?

You can’t forget it now?

There’s no time?





We will never forget you…?

We’re here to stay?

An old flame?

And a new passion

?A fire lit beneath

?Your metallic chair?

And a ghost who lurks beneath your bed?

Hiding in the dust?

Of your consciousness ?

They’ll?Never ?Forget You


It’s time to chose?

Judgement day?

Down to the last minutes?

Which do you decide?

It’s as if you’re picking children

?And throwing the other ?

Into that same fire?

The ?Last ?Minutes?



The author's comments:

My ongoing struggle to decide what I want to do when I am an adult.

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