The Ocean's Song

May 8, 2017
By TobiGurl10 BRONZE, Valley Stream, New York
TobiGurl10 BRONZE, Valley Stream, New York
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I'm quiet but when you listen,

I'm as loud as they get.

I'm a nobody but can be somebody if you let me.

I'm known yet unknown. I wander the halls

getting no attention

and yet all of the attention.

I have friends that love me and

also ignore me.

I have friends I think I know

until they throw a curve ball.

I'm smart yet stupid.

Dirty yet innocent.

Caring yet evil.

And the worst part?

None of them know the real me.

The one that calls for help under my smile.

The one that loves everyone and no one.

The one who has the deepest crushes

and deepest secrets that remain unknown.

I mask my emotions so no one ever knows

if I like them or not. The people who realize

just avoid me.

I feel complete when someone,

anyone tries to help.

But they look past me

as if they think that they know how it feels.

They reach out but when I speak, the right words never leave.

They stay, locked in my throat.

I try to reach out for help but they don't look further than the surface.

Are you okay?

What happened?

What's wrong?

The answers are right there if you listen.

If you listen closely to the ocean,

you can hear it say everything that it needs to.

Others brush it off as it goes away from the surface.

It'll come back.

But if you truly listen to the cries,

it calls for help. Help it never gets.

It's drowning and clings to the sand as it's tears burn it before going back under.

If you stayed to help or reach out,

you might just hear it's song.

The song that repeats over and over

asking for help that it never gets.

The author's comments:

I love to listen to nature and just listening to it got me thinking about the ocean. I love to hear it and even recorded it when I went to San Diego. It's so beautiful but I always connected with it as it was always mysterious. It was the home of the Bermuda Triangle but also the most beautiful coral reefs, the sharks and the peaceful fish, the surface and the depths. So little is known about it despite it being right there and I feel like there's so much to learn if you just listen. It's also a play on Highschool. People say so much that they don't mean and when you try to say something meaningful, it get's drowned out by gossip. Everyone has their own story and you can only hear it if you choose to truly listen to what that person has to say.

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