My Paradise

May 8, 2017
By Agony SILVER, Milwaukie, Oregon
Agony SILVER, Milwaukie, Oregon
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I'm not normal, But I don't care, The way they treat me just ain't fair, The things they do, The things they say, It makes my heart tear, Also flare, My options I try to compare, I've tried but failed to find a laire, One to call my own, One where I feel safe, Not sad or angry, Not scared or confused, A place of peace, Inner and outer, A place of happiness and love, A place I can be me, The me I truley am, A place full of people, Animals, Objects and everything I love, Perfectly named "Paradise", The paradise I can only dream of now, The paradise where not only my values but everyones values matter, Not just to a few people but everyone there, A place where we all can do what we want if it doesn't involve hurting another, Without being criticized or judged, Without being yelled or screamed at by anyone, Unless it is to be funny and is exepted by the everyone involved, A place where everyone gets along with eachother, Thats my paradise, Sadly reality is nothing like my paradise, Reality is full of anger, Sadness and hate, Pain and lonliness, Violence and stupidity, False hope and harsh judgment, Many horrible things, I have to acknowlege the good things too, The healthy and happy relationships between two people in love, Friendships that last and are full of loyalty, Strong bonds between people and their pets, The beauty of nature, The love between a child and parent, There are many good things about reality, But more bad that I have witnessed or heard about on the news, social media, In the daily newspaper, Or articles on the web, Still the bad outweighs the good in reality, Still my paradise outweighs reality in many good ways, In my life in reality, There was little love that I had for people, My bio family, My friends and now my foster family, My first and now my current foster family, I'm alone, Afraid, Angry, Confused and depressed, Still my rebelious intentions they have suppressed, Only back then, Still I let them win, Now I won't let them in, They watch me sin, Only to force me down again, Like I said, Reality is sickening, Maybe to me, But maybe not to you, I explained my paradise, Now what is yours?

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